Our services

We can provide a wide range of sevices, from workshops to custom artwork and more.



We work with a wide range of groups and can provide ‘out of the box’ sessions or bespoke services. Creative thinking, spoken word, graffiti, murals, stencil, story telling, craft, film in a day, to name a few.

live events

We put on regular events, like Overground arts jam and also take part in other events, adding a creative flair or can help you with organising your own live events.

participate in our projects

We have lots of projects in development and love to meet and work with more people. Please get in touch if you have an idea but need some help to get it going.

custom artwork

For all occasions, take a look at our gallery of our artists work, many items are available for sale and most of us will accept commissioned work. On a small scale or large scale, we’d love to speak with you and get creative!